My bisexual journal of the heart

Bisexual journal

Since the 13 years old, I have been inrested in men. There are ten years' experience of bisexual now.I dare not say " An old hand is a good guide", but i'm no longer the young bull.

Information developed faster and faster today, looking at various groups and bisexual dating sites, etc. The information of making friends ...

Dating a bisexual

dating a bisexual

Many people have been suspicious of whether bisexual exists, and bear a grudge in the heart: There were none bisexual, just is gay who have no courage to fall in love with the same sex.

As a saying goes: No matter the mature plants, animals, or human, how their dioecious performance clear ...

I am bisexual

I am bisexual

Do you have many questions about bisexuals? Or you feel puzzled but too shy to ask them? In fact, I'd rather you ask them to me, so that i can be understood by chance, rather than be misunderstand. As you know, bisexual has been misunderstood enough...

The bisexual invisibility

The bisexual invisibility

Bisexuals are demonized and ostracized by a plenty of discrimination from heterosexual and homosexual groups. Even been morbid, moral, or hopeless. Although bisexual is the largest population of LGBT+, bisexuals also have nowhere to stand...

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