Dating a bisexual

dating a bisexual

Many people have been suspicious of whether bisexual exists, and bear a grudge in the heart: There were none bisexual, just is gay who have no courage to fall in love with the same sex.

As a saying goes: No matter the mature plants, animals, or human, how their dioecious performance clear, it's always persist on the body characteristic of a hermaphrodite, and the gender that has not been development will never disappear entirely.

In fact, the complete differences between the two sexes are not existed.

In other words, men and women in the absolute sense are almost nonexistent in real life.

Since there is no absolute gender, there is no absolute sexual orientation. Any male or female may be attracted to the opposite sex factors of the same sex, and his own sexual factors are attracted to the same sex factors. That is to say, bisexual are not " just is gay who have no courage to fall in love with the same sex", just when they fell in love with someone, they are not into men or women. What they loved is all of the beautiful people in their mind.

So bisexual exists.

"How to determine whether you are bisexual", as I already mentioned in previous articles.

A lot of heterosexual and homosexual will be worried about something that at once they find out that their partner is bisexual, they start to feel that the world is their rival in love. People tend to concern with that bisexuals are more likely to cheat on their partners than heterosexuals and homosexuals.

According to a ten years study by Dr. Diamond, up to 89% of bisexual women are in a single spouse relationship for a long time, no matter they are dating with men or women, at least the data is higher than the other people.

Put aside all data to discuss this topic, can a person in the close relationship be faithful, it all depends on his personal self-control and moral standards, it has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

If fall in love with a bisexual makes you feel threaten and insecure, it means that you don't trust your partner, and your confidence is not enough. But whether a bisexual man or a bisexual woman is a rotten rubbish, if he wants he will cheat sooner or later, it is no matter with whether he is bisexual.

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