I am Bisexual

I am bisexual

Do you have many questions about bisexuals? Or you feel puzzled but too shy to ask them? In fact, I'd rather you ask them to me, so that i can be understood by chance, rather than be misunderstand. As you know, bisexual has been misunderstood enough.

Maybe you have some bisexuality stereotypes such as: "You can't stay committed", "No, you are actually gay/straight", "If you have never had a boyfriend/girlfriend, how do you know", "you just want all the attention", "you want to be like those celebrities", "There is no such thing" and so on. If you don't trust me, let me show you some example, and perhaps some of them have appeared on your mind.

Q1: So whether you are loving man or woman on earth?

This question may become the top 1 question of bisexuals be asked from others. In my opinion, i have two versions of answers for it. The short one is: i love all. The longer one start at:" before i met her". Before i met her, i was a straight woman, and i have a friend is lesbian. This is the all about bi in my opinion. When we took about homogeneous, i was always angrily said:" Of course we should support gay/Les!". But at that time, i didn't know LGBT+ means gay, les and bisexual and so on. There are many possibilities we don't know. Sure, i fully aware of this after i met her. She is a brilliant girl, we are kindred spirit, and we ofen chat all the night. Our soul is so well that i'm sure the reason why I live so far is to meet her at the moment. But as you know, it's not a good thing that two similar people make friends. We did so, finally we broke up by quarrel. Since then, i have insomnia, toss and turn in bed, and there is nothing in my mind, it seems that life is meaningless. I love her as i love my ex-boyfriend, so I'm bi.

Q 2: In fact, you just a lesbian but you don't acknowledge, right?

No, it completely fault. I'm neither straight or lesbian. Everyone is a different individual. We should not simply divide people by sex. After all, there don't have two identical leaves. And what attracts us may be the other's character, hobbies, beautiful, brain except gender. Because what we loved is a person, not a gender.

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