My bisexual journal of the heart

bisexual journal

Since the 13 years old, I have been inrested in men. There are ten years' experience of bisexual now.I dare not say " An old hand is a good guide", but i'm no longer the young bull.

Information developed faster and faster today, looking at various groups and bisexual dating sites, etc. The information of making friends as fairy falls to pieces, all in a cloudy daze. More and more high school students join this group, for thinking of"make sincere friends", but they don't know the exist of cheat, then their mood is grave every day. So i want to say some of my view, hope this can help someone.

According to the dating intention of bisexuals group, I think it can be divided into two categories: one is just enjoying the pleasure of the body, namely ONS; The other is to find a real life partner. I should be the latter, and although I have thought of taking advantage of my youth to enjoy my pleasure, but I have dropped the idea.

There is no absolute right or absolute wrong between these two choices. I agree with what my college teacher said that "everyone has the right to choose their own way of life", like every man has his hobbyhorse. However, you have to take responsibility for your choices.

I was an introvert until I started to close my world in my freshman year. The world was quiet and uncommunicative, and sometimes I was alone.

Sophomore, starting to join a school bi group what has changed my world. At that time, it likes in the isolated desert suddenly found similar who take you to the oasis. The mood is inexplicable excited and happy.

The depressed seed in the heart grows quickly with the irrigation of the hormone, it likes the wild leaves run riot, the flowers blossoming, the smell of it is sweet and intoxicated. How i want to have a bisexual lover, I want to bite his inviting lip, sucking his sweet saliva, touching crazily each other, enjoying his shock and love, finally lying in his chest.

I don't understand why do we wait youth pass by, why do not we enjoy the pleasure while we are still young, I remember a friend said that all he slept are young man, with skin soft, no wrinkles.

Why am I still waiting here, not exchanging each other's young bodies, enjoying their bodies, enjoying the pleasure? I was really confused at that time, so I asked a bisexual senior, he said "if you act rashly now, true happiness will come after you can't

win your hearts, so that you can not meet the happiness".

So I chose to wait and pursue my own happiness.

As a words said, I will search within the sea of people for my soulmate, if found, I'm fortunate; If not, It's life.

Whether you are single or a couple, life is not easy, my path is also not easy. If you do not want to fall down to pieces, you have to get out there and put in the hard work in order to get to the desired end result.

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