The bisexual invisibility

The bisexual invisibility

Bisexuals are demonized and ostracized by a plenty of discrimination from heterosexual and homosexual groups. Even been morbid, moral, or hopeless. Although bisexual is the largest population of LGBT+, bisexuals also have nowhere to stand. What's more, people have queried about the exist of bisexual. This kind of query has damaged bisexual' physical and mental health, as well as the organize of bisexual group.

It has a large number of data can prove the exist of bisexual, but people choose to turn a blind eye to it. Most people consider it must be gay/lesbian that two men/women take hand in hand, and it must be heterosexual that a woman and a man take hand in hand. Actually, one of them may be bisexual, even both of them are bisexuals.

Furthermore, people always consider bisexual is just a phase which will turn to one sexual orientation sooner or later. In fact, bisexual is a stable sexual orientation. A 10-years research shows that most of the women are more would like to admit their bisexual sexual orientation rather than deny their bisexual sexual orientation.

Neglect of bisexuality is always been there. Many famous people(such as Freddie Mercury, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, Walt Whitman) are considered as gay and lesbian cause, they have a close relationship with the same sex. Nevertheless their close relationship with the opposite sex is neglected by people. Cause people have a double standard for sexual orientation, their true sexual orientation can not be esteemed,so that bisexual group becomes more harder to disclose their sexual orientation and seek a role model.

Bisexual invisibility is one of the" bisexual-phobia", the others include as follows:

- If a person isn't homosexual, he/she is heterosexual.
- people understand and support bisexual cause they think bisexual will turn to one sexual orientation in the end.
- When bisexual date women, he becomes heterosexual, when bisexual date man, he becomes homosexual.
- People consider that bisexual will take AIDS to their heterosexual partner.
- Bisexual just have not identified their sexual orientation yet.
- If someone who considers herself is bisexual but have not made love with both genders, he is not a true bisexual.
- People think bisexuals just want to" have your cake and eat it too".
- People think bisexual would like to be satisfied with their various of sexual fantasies and sexual curiosity.
- People think bisexual only make stable close relationship with the opposite sex.
- If bisexuals can choose, they will choose an opposite sex partner in order to get support.
- Bisexuals can not be monogamous.

Finally, love is love. We should do more to support bisexual playground.

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